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As our customers tell you themselves, they love the family atmosphere, the friendly service, the stunning jewelry, and the amazing prices. You will not find this jewelry, nor prices like this, anywhere else!

Short term need for cash? Come get a loan from Numis International, regulated by the State of California. We’ve been around since 1963, and our customers are the happiest on earth. We are a family owned and operated business, and we look forward to seeing you!

Get the most bang for your buck this Christmas season! Customers are always thankful for the personal service, wonderful prices, and high quality jewelry selection available at Numis. A friendly, family owned business since 1964. Come see for yourself!

Numis buys all kinds of valuable coins, gold & silver, and jewelry. Open 6 days a week in Millbrae, California, just south of San Francisco. Easy parking right behind the store, and located in a beautiful and safe business area right on the main downtown street in Millbrae.

Great deals for everyone to like, from estate diamond and gold necklaces and bracelets to all kinds of beautiful earrings. From unique bangles to valuable investment grade bars of gold. Sell us jewelry you don’t want anymore, or come in to get some quick cash by getting a loan for your jewelry.

Best thing about buying jewelry at Numis is taking it off. Spoil her good with jewelry from Numis International!

Convert your jewelry to cash, instantly. Hi Anthony!

Need a quick couple hundred dollars? Come to Uncle Al for help. Loans everyday – walk out with cash in hand.

Buy jewelry for your wife or girlfriend. My father gave me this necklace from Numis, my husband gave me this diamond ring. Come see our family jewels. Best jewelry in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The sun will come out tomorrow. If you have jewelry you don’t want anymore, we’ll buy it from you. I’m gonna be a star!

The first time jewelry customers come into our store they don’t believe the low prices.

Need cash? We loan money on rings, pocket watches, rolex watches, pendants, rare coins, gold, silver, diamonds, bracelets, necklaces, and… children…. ? Our classic, vintage commercial.

People are friendly, great deals, service always great, exciting new stock every time, every holiday — Valentines Day, birthdays, Christmas — first place to come is Numis.

Think what you could do with money from jewelry you don’t want anymore! Fix my car, take my son to a ball game, ballet lessons. Cash on the spot. Thanks Uncle Al!

You don’t have to sell that jewelry. Just borrow on it! Comfortable and uncomplicated. Cash on the spot. Instantly for your jewelry.

Jacob it’s gorgeous. I love it! One-of-a-kind jewelry. Take good care of you. We’re a family run business since 1963

Named business of the year by the Chamber of Commerce & Rotary Club! If you like us, tell your friends about us. We’d appreciate that.

You can’t beat the jewelry prices. Wedding ring, gift for girlfriend or wife. Great prices. And we’ll even give you a smile.

Have jewelry sitting in a box? Bring it in and maybe take a vacation on it. For jewelry you never wear, even broken pieces, we’ll make a cash offer right on the spot.

Have jewelry in a box that you don’t wear? “That’s gold, worth about $400.” Cash offeredon the spot, even for broken pieces. Instant cash for your gold and silver jewelry.

I come into Numis because the people here are friendly, professional, I like the large selection of jewelry. I stop in every two weeks because they are always getting in new merchandise. Jewelry and I are best friends, and you just can’t beat the prices.

Turn your gold, jewelry, and precious stones into cash. No mailing, no hassle, no waiting. Free parking behind our store. Turn your jewelry into cash. Instantly.