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Here at Numis International we pride ourselves on our great customer service. When you are looking to sell jewelry for cash in the San Francisco area come to Numis International. We are one of the best Bay Area pawn shops for giving you cash for your jewelry.

At Numis International we offer:

– The highest rate paid in the San Francisco Bay Area for gold and silver jewelry!
– Instant cash when you are selling gold jewelry, even if it’s broken!
– No waiting when you come into our San Francisco Bay Area pawn shop!

We also buy back Jewelry!

Many places will sell you jewelry, but will they buy it back and give you  cash for your jewelry even years later? Now you have a good place to go when you are selling gold jewelry or traditional jewelry.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve inherited jewelry, or you are just tired of a piece you have, you’ll get a more than fair cash offer and walk out with cash for your jewelry, or a trade-in for something you’ll love to wear. We even buy BROKEN GOLD and SILVER JEWELRY and give you instant cash same day out the door!

We are also buyers and sellers of gold, silver, and platinum, precious metals, bullion, bars, and coins.

Do you know any reputable company that would give you cash for your jewelry? Now you do!

If you have any inquiries about our products or services please contact us at 650-697-6570.

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for green cash!