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Trading Treasure: Selling Gold Coins and Jewelry

Who doesn’t love the idea of buried treasure? Stories of pirates, vagabonds, and the legendary Robin Hood all have the same appeal in common—treasure. Of course, you don’t have to be an outlaw or the topic of fairytales to be drawn to the idea of hidden treasure and harbor the secret hope that you will someday find some.

Selling Gold Coins and Jewelry at Numis International

Gold has been at staggering prices for quite some time, and the trend doesn’t seem to be let-ting up. In fact, all precious metals are at high values in today’s market which means that you can take pieces such as gold coins, broken or unwanted jewelry, candlesticks, silverware from incomplete sets, or other decorative items and bring them to a qualified firm such as Numis International in the San Francisco Bay Area for fair price evaluation. We offer the best prices for precious metal items — from old coins, to platinum bars, to broken necklaces. We have up-to-the-minute information on changing prices of gold, silver, and platinum so you will be offered a fair price for the items that you bring to us.