Sell Gold Coins Bay Area

Why Sell Your Gold Coins to the Bay Area’s Numis International?

It is possible you have a few gold coins within your possession that you can quickly and easily turn into cash. The same with your precious metals jewelry. Numis International is experienced and ready, in the Bay Area since 1963, to help you sell your coins.

There are many reasons why you may want to sell gold coins and jewelry, but the most obvious is that it allows you to rid yourself of possessions that you neither want nor need taking space in your home and their sale will help you access money that can be used for anything you want! Of course, you may just want the cash so you can go shopping for something that you or a loved one will enjoy.

Selling gold coins and jewelry is a great way to thin out your belongings and get your hands on cash in a tight time or for a special occasion. So come on in to Numis International’s Bay Area location, meet our friendly staff, and allow us to give you a quote with no obligation.