Get a Loan

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We are a full service pawnbroker for the San Francisco Bay Area, with decades of happy clients. Walk out instantly with cash on the spot. Same day, no waiting.

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Sell us precious metals jewelry you don’t want, even broken jewelry. Our first class services as a pawn broker are unmatched in the Peninsula — 1000s of loans and sales done every week. Great family friendly service — cash on the spot — no waiting. What more could you ask for?

Here is where you can get a loan or sell your coins and jewelry. Receive cash instantly–based on the value of the items brought in.

You can also get loans for silverware, even broken jewelry, and other items containing precious metals.

Cash on the spot from $5 to $250,000!

The term of the loan is for four months. It can be renewed as often as necessary.

Loans are made with full confidentiality. Your items are protected by our state of the art security system.

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The moment you bring in the jewelry we will determine the value of your item and the maximum amount you can collect.

The selling or loaning decision is always up to you! Have more questions? Call anytime during business hours.