Coin Jewelry & Gold Bezels

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Antique and ancient art that you can wear!

At Numis International, Coin-related precious metal jewelry including gold bezels and coin jewelry are one of our specialties. In stock, we have the highest-quality and most rare gold coin jewelry and bezels available on the market today.

Here you’ll find gold bezels available in any size, for any gold coin made from any country anywhere! All styles too! All bezels in 14kt gold. This is just a small taste of our vast inventory of rare coin jewelry and gold coin bezels as well as precious metals! Visit our store to see our vast inventory and to see exactly what is available right now.

1902 Gold Liberty Head CoinTo the Left:
Diamond cut polished edge gold bezel set with a 1902 $20 Gold Liberty Head

To the Right:1986 Gold American Eagle
2.5 mm rope bezel set with a 1986 Gold American Eagle

1910 20 St. GaudensTo the Left:Wire and rope bezel set with a U.S. 1910 $20 St. Gaudens

1998 Gold American EagleTo the RightPolished bezel set with 1998 Gold American Eagle

Diamond twirlTo the Left:Diamond twirl bezel set with Gold American Eagle.

Diamond cutTo the Right:Diamond cut polished edge bezel set with an Austrailian gold coin.

American Gold EagleTo the Left:Tear drop polished edge and diamond cut bezel set with an American Gold Eagle

diamond flourish American Gold EagleTo the Right: Tear drop polished edge and diamond cut bezel with a diamond flourish set with an American Gold Eagle

Morgan Silver DollarTo the Left:Morgan Silver Dollar in a silver bezel. We have many other coin jewelry styles to choose from, and they make a great gift with prices affordable for anyone.

1890's set in 14kt rope braceletTo the Left:22 kt Gold British Sovereign from the 1890’s set in 14kt rope bracelet.

50 American Eagle setTo the Left:One of a kind! 1 oz. Gold $50 American Eagle set in a handmade sterling silver belt buckle.