Estate and Contemporary Jewelry

Our quality is higher & our prices lower than anywhere on or off the web!

At Numis International, we know jewelry. From contemporary jewelry to antique and estate jewelry, Numis international is your one-stop shop.

Below is a taste from our huge collection of estate jewelry (previously owned) and contemporary jewelry. You will not believe the prices. These are the kinds of precious metal pieces (gold, silver, and platinum) that you can’t find anywhere else! All of our fine jewelry pieces are expertly refurbished and appraised.

To buy or sell antique and estate jewelry or precious metals, VISIT OUR STORE.

We also do beautiful jewelry repairs.

A few examples of the wonderful variety of Estate and Contemporary jewelry inventory for sale

This profile cameo (to left) is handmade and from the beginning of the 20th century.

This cushion cut multi-faceted stone is a blue topaz set in a wide band of white gold. A yellow gold bezel holds the stone, which we feel makes a beautiful contrast.

This oval jade pendant is surrounded by diamonds and makes an astounding piece…

Our estate jewelry collection includes everything from modern to antique, from $19.00 gold chains to $10,000.00 diamond rings and everything in between. We buy our jewelry based on the value of the parts, we don’t pay for the manufacturing costs, and we pass those savings directly to you. An item that may sell for $400.00 – $500.00 dollars at a retail jewelry store, oftentimes sells for only $150.00 – $250.00 at Numis. With our reputation for reliability and low prices, you can count on getting great quality merchandise at Numis at prices that can’t be beat. You’ll get the best deal in the Bay Area on antique and estate jewelry. If your ring needs sizing we can often give you same-day service.